Raise Your Woice - International Women’s Empowerment Festival


Not Just a Festival

RYW will host exhibitions, conferences, workshops, film screenings and performances. It will be free of charge and accessible to the whole community in Istanbul, Turkey.


RYW is a project to highlight the journey of women’s rights worldwide; we are working towards a world where gender violence and gender discrimination are eliminated.


RYW will amplify voices for gender equality and empowerment, these voices are vital for a more equitable and just world, together we will turn problems into solutions.


Bahçeşehir University

MISSION As a higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research, and service to our society, the mission of Bahceşehir University is to educate the leading work force of future who have an inquiring mind and a critical thinking ability; are sensitive to local and global issues; achieve international standards; contribute to scientific, technological, and cultural knowledge; are strong supporters of universal ideas and values
VISION Bahçeşehir University expects to be the leading force regionally and nationally in the enhancement of knowledge. Bahceşehir University aims to educate students who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, who are considerate and appreciative of human differences, and of the constructive expression of ideas.



A multicultural, non-political Turkish organization made by “women for women” supporting foreign women in Istanbul. We work in the fields of prevention of gender based violence and women’s empowerment, by providing workshops, legal seminars, group support, social media campaigns, and festivals. We offer self-awareness development, awareness training for gender violence, and tools for smooth integration into local communities. This year Onar will publish a legal guide on gender based violence in Turkey, the guide will act as a useful tool for women who face violent situations in Turkey and show a step-by-step guide as to how they can take legal action and utilise local laws to deal with past violence and prevent future violence. Onar’s vision is to create a Centre for Women focused in the first instance on advocacy, awareness and prevention, which can also provide concrete support for those who are already going through a violent situation. We aim to meet our goal through socio-cultural activities, group support, legal support and the creation of a shelter that can welcome foreign women. We would like to become the referent point for our target group i n order to support their needs. Onar is part of the Social Incubation Centre program of Bilgi University. Additionally Onar collaborates with TOG VAKFI, various Consulates and Cultural Centres in Istanbul, Kadav, Koç University, ‘4Carma’, IPWIN, IWI, PAWI, and Mor Cati.


Bau Communication

Bahçeşehir University’s Faculty of Communication is a leading institution that educates professionals in the communication world. BAU’s goal is not simply to be the best faculty of communication in Turkey but also to be the best in the world. It’s well-qualified academic staff consist of experienced specialists in the communication sector. Our faculty contains the departments of Cinema and Television, Advertising, Public Relations, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design, Photography and Video, and Journalism. Practical classes take place at CATI, in focus group search laboratories, television and radio studios, as well as animation, short film and basic design workshops. Our students graduate with the knowledge of how to create their own short films, radio programs, advertising and public relations campaigns, animation and interactive web sites, and photographs by learning the principles in practical environments. Our students participate in organizations such as Aydın Doğan Young Communication Professionals and the International Advertising Association (IAA). The university’s CO-OP programs allow communication students to gain real-world experience in companies for periods of three or six months and take CO-OP classes which will improve the students’ professional skills and equip them well for the future. Our university holds partnerships with a multitude of universities worldwide, especially in the USA, Europe, and South Korea. We educate our students to be innovative pioneers in the communication world of the future.


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Raise Your Woice 2016 was just the beginning

A team of 30 people, 7 panels, 10 workshops, 17 trainers, 500 participants, 10.000 people reached on Social Media, 3 Faculties of Bahçesehir University involved, 10 NGOs, 3 Companies: these are the numbers of the first edition of the Raise Your Woice International Women’s Empowerment Festival that took place in Istanbul from 7th to 13th […]

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2016 will be a great year for Onar!

2016 will be a great year for Onar! We are glad to announce that Onar is organizing the first Raise Your Woice Festival, in collaboration with Bahçeşehir University! The event will take place from 7th to 13th March 2016 and will welcome guests and speakers from different parts of the world. Raise Your Woice is a […]

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